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Reduce your air conditioner compressor start load by at least 50%!

Reducing the start-up load means you can now run your A/C from a smaller generator or inverter.

The Problem: At the heart of every marine (and RV) air conditioning unit is a compressor that is driven by alternating current (AC). All single phase AC motors need a boost or “kick” to get them initially moving initially, and this results in a much higher current draw than is required to simply keep the motor running.

Although it only lasts less than a second, this surge, or inrush current can often be three times or more than the running current, and typically neccesitates the installation of much larger generators than would be required just to keep compressors running.

Starting medium/large air conditioning units from portable generators or inverters is often impossible unless this inrush current is reduced somehow.

The Solution: The EasyStart designed and developed by Micro Air, is a solid state add-on device that reduces compressor starting loads to less than half the locked-rotor rating.

There are two models, both for use on either 115v or 230v, 50 or 60 Hz. There is also a 364 model available for 115v/60Hz (-X20).

EasyStart 364 is suitable for compressors – 5,000 Btu to 36,000 Btu
EasyStart 368 is for larger compressors – 37,000 Btu up to 72,000 Btu

Both models are housed in protective, waterproof enclosures. Connection is by a simple four-wire hook-up. Full instructions are included. Both models require a “learning period” of 7 or more starts before starting current is fully minimized.

With EasyStart installed, any brand of medium/large air conditioner can be run from weak shore power, a small or portable generator, or even from DC sources via an inverter!

EasyStart™ is a one-of-a-kind soft starter for single-phase motors operating at 115VAC or 230VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz, custom developed by Micro-Air.

EasyStart™ is not a “hard start kit” nor a start capacitor alone. These devices can only deliver a 10-20% reduction to a compressor’s normal startup locked-rotor amperage (LRA). EasyStart is totally different.

EasyStart™ is a highly-sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled system that employs a 4-part start ramp, precisely sequenced using real-time closed-loop control, that even optimizes itself as it “learns” your compressor motor during the first few startups. This advanced system enables EasyStart to deliver up to 65-75% start current reduction.

EasyStart™ also has numerous specialized fault checks not found in any other soft starter that provide further protection for your compressor motor.

EasyStart™ is therefore the perfect solution that allows an air conditioner or refrigeration compressor to operate on a generator, inverter, or limited utility power when it would otherwise not have functioned. It can also be applied to air compressor and watermaker pump motors.

The EasyStart 364 is capable of supporting up to a 36000 BTU (3 ton) compressor. It includes a plastic enclosure with an integrated mounting flange and a 3ft harness. Specialized models exist for various applications.

Test: 16,000 Btu 115v Compressor

Before: EasyStart installed:
– 72 amps peak inrush current on mains power
– Would not start on Honda 2000i portable generator

After: EasyStart installed:
32.5 amps peak inrush current on mains power
-Started easily from Honda 2000i portable generator

Result: EasyStart reduced starting surge by 55%

Download EasyStart 364 specifications here.

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364-X36-UL, 111-X01


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