Game Changing

Corrosion Indicator

for Marine Equipment



EasyAnode ® will alert you when your anode requires changing without the need to remove it to check if it has depleted.


The EasyAnode ® indicator will alert you to corrosion before valuable equipment suffers damage, failure, and downtime.


350yachtshave adopted EasyAnode ® and we have numerous positive testimonials from Engineers on-board who are ultimately, our best reference!

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  • APPLICATIONSEasyAnode® can be installed within the cooling systems of Main Engines, Gearboxes, Generators, Air Conditioning systems, Heat Exchangers, and some Stabilisers. Also, Tanks & Pipework, Sea Chests, etc.
  • QUALITY & STANDARDSEasyAnode® are manufactured from high quality materials, our zincs anodes are Mil-Spec MIL-18001 and the magnesium versions AZ31B. Assembly and Quality Control is monitored by a Lloyds ISO9001:2015 accredited company.
  • ADVANTAGES & BENEFITSEasyAnode® has many advantages and benefits over standard traditional anodes which relate to maintenance, early detection of galvanic corrosion, anode breakages, etc.
  • WHO IS INSTALLING THEM?EasyAnode® has been endorsed by yacht builders, engine, gearbox, generators, stabiliser manufacturers who install them as an added value product that protects the owner’s investment.

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